Warranty Information & Return Policy

Limited Lifetime Warranty:
The Limited Lifetime Warranty entitles you to touch-up treatments in the area specified in your treatment plan at a rate of 70% off our regular rates at the clinic your initial consultation was performed. Exclusions to the warranty are: not adhering to the treatment plan and not being treated at the proper intervals of 1 treatment every 4-6 weeks for areas above the shoulders and 6-8 for areas below the shoulders, not completing 12 consecutive treatments at our clinics, any skin reaction occurs resulting in discontinuing further treatment, tanning that results in a Fitzgerald skin type change of at least 1 deviation, or any account with a previous unpaid balance or delinquent payment plan. 
Return Policy: You may return prepaid services/treatments up to 7 days after purchase unless treatment of the treatment plan has started. After the 7 day return window, you may exchange the treatments for any other service we offer, if desired. Sales that were made using our in-house payment plan may be cancelled at any time with no penalty, however, any balance due at the time becomes immediately due (for example if you have used 6 treatments but have only paid for 5, the additional due for the single treatment becomes due). If you need to cancel a payment plan or wish to be refunded for prepaid treatments, send either an email to RLTherapy@outlook.com or a text message to 651-300-4003 with your name, number, and what you wish to cancel and someone will reach out as soon as possible.