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​​IPL: No downtime, great results, & perfect skin


Using our premier Alma Harmony IPL, we can reduce or eliminate superficial vascular lesions like rosacea, we can eliminate spider veins, fine lines and wrinkles, ​help clear up acne, and rejuvenate skin to keep you looking young. 

Laser Hair Removal - Fast and relatively painless

Utilizing our Alma Soprano, our hair removal is one of the fastest machines on the market. Depending on the area and hair color, its also almost painless. ​Even sensitive areas like getting a Brazilian, is tolerable without the use of numbing creams, although we do keep them on hand if desired!

Lifetime Guarantee &
Zero Interest Financing!

Guarantee: We are so confident you'll get great lasting results that when you complete a treatment plan with us, we will give you touch-ups for life at 70% off. Granted, most people don't need to use it for many years. 

Free financing: Who else offers free in house financing? Nobody. 0% interest, zero fees, no credit check, and we even have auto pay! Getting the look you want and taking back the time wasted every morning getting ready couldn't be any easier or more affordable.